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Taxi Royal distinguishes itself both Private and Business.

Private Transport
Group Transport
Business Transport
Your Taxi

VIP and special vehicles tailored for you.

For your VIP's, Management and group transport you are at the right place with Taxi Royal. We offer a very unique and atmospheric transport, supplemented by business dressed and knowledgeable drivers and a modern fleet. Taxi Royal is ready to take care of your special transport. We offer you the desired quality for the best price

For our regular customers and companies we have special prices. We ensure that you are being handled at very attractive prices with Taxi Royal.

Charges for transport

The legislature has a maximum rate set, Entrepreneurs May deviate to ground. Research Learning But then more than 95% of the taxi The maximum rate applies.
The fee is made up of five elements:

- Waiting time before the ride
- Standard start price
- Kilometer Price for each kilometer traveled
- Minutes Price for the Whole duration of the ride minus stopping, Driving, or traffic jam
- Extra Services, like Carrying suitcases, waiting during the journey on request of the customer, etc.

Additionally Did the legislator to offer the opportunity to fixed prices for Fixed Routes, possibly per seat.
Price for group transportation depends on how many people are traveling with you . Up to 4 persons the price equal to the price of one person.
This option uses the same rates as private does. But if you go often to the same direction we can discuss the price.

Do you want to go abroad?

Taxi Royal knows no borders, for example, Belgium or Germany.


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